Free and Open

Instant Enlightenment
and the
Instant Enlightenment (IE) Technique

Have you been a seeker all your life and all you end up finding are more questions and doubts?

Are you experiencing any kind of suffering? Depression? Sadness? Anger? Guilt? Regret?

Have you had that feeling that things are happening to you not for you?

Are you unhappy because you feel that things should be different with you or your situation?

The IE technique ends suffering the moment it is practiced. This end of suffering is enlightenment.

There is no path to follow. No special requirements to practice this technique. Anybody can do it. The technique can be used anywhere and at anytime. No pen and paper or special quiet place needed.

All that is required is your willingness to be free of suffering right now.

About Warren Archer

Warren Archer’s quest for enlightenment began when he was fifteen, after his friend was run over by a train.

A decade of intense searching got him nowhere.

Not wanting to waste his life away on a Tibetan mountaintop seeking something that might not even exist, he put enlightenment on indefinite hold in order to pursue more earthly ambitions.

It took five years at a dead-end office job before he made the decision to drop everything and really pursue his dreams.

In 1998, as he battled his way up the ladder of conventional success, a transformative experience planted the seeds of what would eventually become the Instant Enlightenment technique. Unwilling to be distracted from his material goals, he once again placed his pursuit of spiritual freedom on hold.

In 2010, just when he believed he’d finally made it, all within a year, Warren was diagnosed with cancer, his career as an airline pilot was as good as over, his twenty-five-year marriage ended in divorce, he accrued $100,000 in debt, and a flood destroyed most of his home and everything in it.

In losing everything, Warren discovered a place where both the spiritual and the material could thrive together, and in this way instead of giving in to disaster, he managed to turn his life around.

Warren is now happily remarried, cancer- and debt-free, a bestselling novelist, and he’s back to flying as a captain for a major airline that Forbes magazine listed as the one of the top twenty employers in the United States.

Since then, he has dedicated himself to making both success and enlightenment available and easily attainable to anyone interested.

 Warren Archer lives in Arizona with his wife and three children.