Are you experiencing any kind of suffering? Depression? Sadness? Anger? Guilt? Regret?

Have you had that feeling that things are happening to you not for you?

Are you unhappy because you feel that things should be different with you or your situation?

The IE technique ends all suffering instantly, the moment it is practiced. This end of suffering is enlightenment.

There is no path to follow. No special requirements to practice this technique. Anybody can do it. The technique can be used anywhere and at anytime. No pen and paper or special quiet place needed.

All that is required is your willingness to be free of suffering right now.

Open this book. Read it. Practice the IE technique. Be free, instantly.

Bogged down by an endless onslaught of stumbling blocks and disasters that keep pushing you farther away from fulfilling your purpose and achieving your goals?

This book could radically change all that.

This simple, clear, and highly practical step-by-step guide will show you:

1. How to manage all the problems and disasters that come your way while still making progress on all your goals—short-term and long-term—without sacrificing the important things in life.

2.  How to turn obstacles into an advantage that will propel you along the path to fulfilling your goals and achieving your purpose.

3. How to shift your thinking so that all you see are opportunities that will open doors to great possibilities you may have never imagined before.